AsialinkSpain team

AsialinkSpain has a multicultural and multidisciplinary team, with the capacity to offer creative and innovative solutions to its heterogeneous portfolio of clients. It has multilingual professionals, with a deep knowledge of both eastern and western idiosyncrasies, which allows them to operate without geographical or cultural barriers.

Jennifer Zhang

CEO AsialinkSpain - Ctrip Spain

The Chinese tourist constitutes an irrefutable strategic opportunity for tourism companies, brands and destinations, considering their high purchasing power and their rapid growth. However, there is a profound lack of knowledge in Spain about the peculiarities of Chinese culture and the evolution suffered by this enormous country in the last two decades. Today, China is a completely digitalized country and in the last 5 years it has radically changed the profile of the tourist, who is now an independent, cosmopolitan and well-off traveler”.

“Being pioneers in the introduction of Chinese tourism in Spain, AsialinkSpain has a solid knowledge acquired in its 15 years of existence. We are confident that we can provide the necessary experience and opportunities to Spanish and Latin American companies and institutions that wish to efficiently attract this segment of Chinese clients with high purchasing power”.

“Our recent strategic alliances with prestigious companies and organizations such as the agreement between AENA and IBERIA with Ctrip, the collaboration with TOURESPAÑA and the Spanish Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism and the work carried out for PARADORES and MELÍA HOTELS, among other renowned travel industry firms, guarantee our expertise”.

“We know that there is a desire to connect both worlds. The Chinese want to know more about Spain and Latin America, and Spain and Latin America wish a close collaboration with China. It’s clear that the best way to get to know cultures is through the travel experience