It is the average expenditure per stay of the Chinese tourist. China is ranked number one in terms of consumption in the host country.

Chinese tourists have visited Spain in the last 3 years.

Chinese tourists came to Spain with AsialinkSpain.


AsialinkSpain, with headquarters in Madrid and office in Shanghai, began its activity in 2005, being pioneers in introducing Chinese tourism in Spain, when it did not yet exist in our country.

With more than 15 years of experience, we specialize in the tourism and consumer sector and work mainly for Spanish-speaking countries: Spain and Latin America

We design projects with a personalized approach, “boutique” model, generating specific strategic and tactical plans to position products and services

We offer holistic services, accompanying all those companies that need an expert to help design and adapt their marketing and sales strategies to the Chinese context. To this end, we study and research this market and the trends that govern it

We help with the necessary digitalisation of the communication of the entities that hire us, implementing the activation of products and services on digital platforms, as well as in the development of online & offline marketing plans, media planning and training.

We offer personalised attention to companies in the tourism ecosystem and prestigious brands in the following sectors: accommodation, transport, shopping, gastronomy, leisure, and experiences.

We advise and help to successfully adapt products and services to Chinese culture, habits, and codes of conduct.

We develop and represent clients’ business and provide visibility into China’s completely different digital ecosystem.

We capture the attention of the demanding Chinese traveller and consumer, digitalizing communication to achieve the turnover and commercial objectives projected by clients.

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